Initiatives to Champion North Carolina Veterans and Small Businesses

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The North Carolina Main Street Coalition is a group of community leaders, small business owners, and veterans. We believe veteran-run halls and posts that support veteran services, and the small business owners who operate bars, taverns and restaurants, should have access to the opportunities and resources they need to succeed and contribute to our communities and our local economy.
The North Carolina Main Street Coalition supports legal, safe, and regulated Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) in establishments that serve and support veterans and small businesses like restaurants, taverns, and bars. We urge the North Carolina General Assembly to act now to allow legal and safe VLTs to be operated in North Carolina. Video Lottery Terminals present a unique opportunity for the State of North Carolina to generate revenue, support businesses, and create investment opportunities and jobs. With the generated tax revenue, the state can bring in much-needed funds to benefit government services. Legal and safe VLTs would not only provide the state with a new source of revenue to invest in its communities but would also create a safer gaming environment.

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By supporting the North Carolina Main Street Coalition, you will be a vital part of our initiatives to champion North Carolina veterans and small businesses. You will help policymakers and community leaders better understand the significant contributions that video lottery gaming makes to our state and local economy.

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